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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Talking About The Accident I Meet Recently

Story starts like this, me, Sunnyboy, sis and Sunnyboy's cousin, 4 of us went to a Korean restaurant located at Mentari Sunway near to the Shell petrol station. It is a corner shop facing the main road, I never had any unsafe feeling whenever I went there. That day as usual, we choose to sit in the middle of the shop, we order and we eat. Sunnyboy and me is facing the outside while sis and cousin is facing the inside.

Around 9pm, there are around 5 to 6 tables of people having dinner there, suddenly, a man with dark green mask walk in, holding a parang, garb the lady’s bag from the first table, and walk to our table and grab sis & cousin’s bag. I’m the one who notice first and shout to the man, he just ignore me and turn over, walk outside. Sunnyboy stand up continue with the lady from the first table, her boyfriend also stand up try to run and grab back the bag. But, the man turn over and show us his parang. So who the hell dare to fight with him? We all just stood there and look at him walk away with our bag.

Last time, I have heard before some case happen at Cheras area which they rob those mamak store or steamboat shop, which from my understanding all these are out door restaurant. But this time, through my own eyes, the man actually walk in into a proper shop and rob. So what the hell is wrong to this world?

So I learnt something here, this world is really sick. Some people just don’t like to use their god gifts (brain) to think a proper way to earn money. Does this can last you forever?

Honestly, until now, every night before I sleep, the robber’s face still appear in my mind, those eyes, mask and gesture. Scary enough to haunt me forever. I seriously hope one day I can forget all these and be a happy girl again, but no, reality is reality, we have to face it. I start to miss the innocent & brave self. Going through this, I seriously felt that sometimes something happens, we just can’t do anything. For the past week, I felt so helpless, I felt pointless to work hard.

But we all are adult, we should face all these in an adult way, I guess this is what we called mature. Stay strong and wealthy, so you have the ability to create an environment that you feel safe. Till then, xx Genie Love.

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