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Friday, August 29, 2014

Recent Summary of My Life

Recently, life have been tough to me. Firstly is hectic work life, Sunnyboy got sicks and suspected dengue, continue me got all the rashes and in the end we realized is just some kind of virus infection. Then we got robbed at restaurant that serving Korean food, this I will explain further. Then Sunnyboy’s aunt got into car accident, his cousin broke his arm, our house loan got tons of problem to settle. All these are driving me crazy. One night, before I fall asleep, I seriously feel like to just book a ticket and fly oversea, so I can just temporary run away from all these. But then I realized that is not a mature way to solve problem, sigh. Should have go to the temple and pray more.

Summary of my life recently,

#1 random selfie right after I got my fish eye lens
 #2 had Casablanca Egg at Jibby & co Subang Empire, it taste sooo good.
#3 celebrate Sunnyboy & me anniversary at Helipad Lounge bar at Menara KH
#4 meet my pretty and cute colleague
#5 helping my friend adopted a naughty boy, Toby
#6 as usual, Sunnyboy cooks dinner for me
#7 random selfie, random enough
#8 delicious Crepe & Bacon at LOKL Jalan H.S Lee
#9 decided to ride an aeroplane during Raya holiday as a father’s day present
#10 mummy is so impress with my new camera
#11 you can know that Sunnyboy enjoy the ride
#12 daddy is so nervous throughout the fly

I know all these haven’t even summaries everything but at least I tried right. Till next time. xx Genie Love.

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