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Friday, October 25, 2013

Purple Monster for October

It's been a hectic month for me because you all know, October is my month. =D Feel so sorry for neglecting here, please bare with me, I will be back soon, like real soon. So to prepare for the big day, I change my hair colour again, what else I can say about Amy, she did a great job everytime I visit her. 

She covering up my highlight with purple and red colour.

Deep dark purple at the bottom and maroon red on the top. 

As what I always feel, enjoy the fading, Every wash you will get different hair colour, cool right?

Some short update here, since the early of october, I celebrate my birthday with Sunnyboy (oh god, the birthday post is still pending, sigh..), then I went back to Penang for some family dinner, continue with coming Singapore trip and end with Bangkok trip. I shouldn't have plan to many things in a single month, yes it is hectic and tired but I'm quite looking forward though. 

So please stay with me, I'll be back. =D

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