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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fashion post: New in Celine Inspired Banana Taipei Go Zebra C

Hi all, I'm forcing myself to write at least something on this blog or else it's gonna be so dead. So yes, I dig some of the overdue outfit picture and share with you all. This is what I wear when I'm out of idea and lazy. I'm thinking to share with you all is because it is simple, no need any extra accessories but just matching the right colour all together. Again, my rule is keep it simple. I actually found out that all my cloth is either navy, black, white and grey, hahahaha.. Sound boring but look, I can have outfit post too. XD

Initially I'm pairing the oversized "Chemistry" black tee with CDG x converse sneaker. But I found it is quite boring so I add another oversized denim jacket. While I'm choosing my bag, I found this cute Celine inspired shoulder bag that I bought from Taiwan.

Choose a shoulder bag that is slightly longer than your pants, it will counterbalance the shortness of the top. 
Realized how petite this shoulder bag is.
I love how it stand out and elongate my leg.

Close up look for the Banana Taipei GO ZEBRA .C shoulder bag

Topshop "Chemistry" oversized black tee
Oversized denim from Taiwan
White CDG x Converse sneakers
Banana Taipei GO ZEBRA .C shoulder bag
G-Shock black classic watch

Missy Fluffy just can't stop being attention seeker, so here you are, I featuring Fluffy during the shooting. 

I actually went to number76style for hair treatment and off to dinner with Sunnyboy. So you will realized by hair actually looks better after this. =)

Mouth pain?

Yes I would like to end this with my favourate dessert, chocolate brownies. 
Till then.

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