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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fashion post: Effortless Varsity Jacket Tie It Around The Waist

Hi all, sorry for the lack of update because I'm away to Bangkok for some business trip. After I got back, unpack and arrange up those pictures, so now here I am updating some fashion post. 

Cotton On black red white strip
Topshop jersey varsity bomber jacket
Damansara boutique denim
Pandora bracelet
G-shock black watch

Today I'm going to present a look that inspired by 90's resurgence, shirt or varsity jacket that tied around the waist is in a big trend now. I found that by doing this, it does make the layering more easier and make you look more like effortless. No matter it is in leather, bright colour or even denim, it does it's own job in every way. 

The black red strip casual top does look boring if it is alone so I tied a Topshop jersey varsity bomber jacket around my waist to create a sportier look. 

Here are example of some model rocking this look on the street of New York or London.
So let's tie it around the waist and rock the world. 

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