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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wondermama @ Bangsar Village & Number76style for New Hair

Last week I decided to bring Sunnyboy to give Wondermama a try since there are lot's of review out there saying there food is quite awesome and surprise after all. So yes, we went there for lunch before meeting Amy. Actually there are a lot food blogger did review for this restaurant so I'm not gonna mention much on their decoration. I do agree some review that some say it is a high class mamak, because it does serve authentic hawker food.

Yes, authentic decoration like we used to see in kopitiam. Just they upgraded it a bit.

I had my Wild Berry tea. RM6
Surprisingly it taste so good, sour together with sweet. 
I never taste such authentic berry tea before, not to say TWG but normally berry tea will give some antibiotic taste which is so unpleasant to me.

Sunnyboy had his Rose Lemon Fruit Juices. Rm7.5
For me it taste exactly like Malay's syrup, with lemon and some bubur cha cha inside.

Yes, finally the food came.

My Wondermama Potato & Chicken Salad Rm15.90
Cube potato, mixed green vegetables, baby tomatoes & fried chicken with special house dressing
Seriously the house dressing is so awesome, even I visited them second time I also stick to this salad. 
I can't understand why I love potato so much and the chicken never fail me. I swear, must try!

Sunnyboy's Black Spider Fried Rice *spicy Rm20.90
Long bean, egg, vegetables, soft shell crab, chicken, black ebiko & black pepper.
Sunnyboy like soft shell crab a lot so wherever he go, he sure will try their soft shell crab.
He commented that the fried rice is way much better than he imagine because some restaurant do serve awful fried rice but Wondermama doesn't. Thumbs up!

Sunnyboy add on Mari Mari Fried Squid *spicy Rm15.90
Deep fried breaded squid served with lemon, chili padi & home made tartar sauce.
Truly thumbs up for their home made tartar sauce.

Overall consider good, comfortable environment, friendly services and food served in a very short time and it does taste good. I personally think it is worth to visit, because it does give me some surprises. 

After that I went to meet up with Amy and she do surprise me once again. I told her I'm so bored with the one tone hair colour, I feel like to have some random highlight. And after some discussion, she decide the haircolour and highlight colour for me because i totally have no idea what I want, I just want something new. 

This is the before hair dye, my hair is boring brown with black root. Oh gosh!!

After! I guess nowadays the dark hair colour trend is back. Compare to last time lavendar ash, this time is way more greyish and ashy. Because I had bleach my hair few times so my hair now hold the colour so well. 

It seems like black but with some grey underneath. And if you look carefully, it is because of the blueish highlight make the whole hair look so greyish and ashy. Awesome right? Amy did another great job again! Continue with lots of selca picture, sorry because I can't stop myself not to capture my hair *thick face 

All the selca above is taken using the ring light I bought last month, nice right? With the light I can take nice picture even at night, no need to wait for morning light anymore. =D

Lastly, if you want to have the same colour as mine, just show my picture to Amy and she will do for you. She currently is in Number76style Bangsar branch. Remember to make appointment before visit, because she is a super busy lady. Go check her out. 

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