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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Mugshot @ Chulia Street Penang

Looking at all these nice pictures, just makes me want to blog so much. So ya, today I'm here gonna review on one of the famous family style cafe, The Mugshot, which located along the Chulia Street. I did spend some time searching for this cafe but in the end I found it is just beside Rainforest Bakery. So friendly advice, spot for Rainforest Bakery then you will find this cute little cafe. 

So first of all, the first step I step into this cafe, I saw a few little table and little stool like chair, then walk into the deep side, you will see more normal wooden table and chair where it is exposed under the sun. It is good to enjoy morning sun and having good food right. Nice try.

You can also have fun playing with their props.
Of course I did some research, know that their yogurt is famous. 

Kiwi & Honey Yogurt Rm10
Surprisingly the yogurt was good. But Sunnyboy comment that he also can do this at home so hmmm..
But if you fail to do this at home, why not give them a try? 

The chef. The bagel do need some time, I personally think maybe is because this cafe is mean to be chit chating around so food normally come slow. Hah!

My Cappucino and Sunnyboy's Wild Berries Tea Rm10 & Rm 5
After some wait, finally the bagel is here.

Bacon & Egg Bagel Rm10
This does taste surprisingly good. Perfect combination of bacon, egg with bagel and additional of mayonnaise. Thumbs up! 

Turkey Ham & Cranberry Sauce. Rm10
Cranberry sauce is finished by the time we visit so they replace it with rocket. 
Because of the absent of cranberry, makes the whole bagel not so interesting. Maybe we shall leave it for the next time. 

Mine Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Rm10
Yes, as expected, this was the best among the all. Because I personally likes cream cheese a lot and smoked salmon is heaven to me. The combination of both gives the most awesome taste! Sorry I'm a bit biased. Hah.

I saw there are a lot people ordering Corned Beef & Rocket, so maybe next time I shall try that. 
Overall the environment was good, nice for morning breakfast or afternoon tea, service is friendly just that you have to make the order by yourself queing in front of the counter. Food tasted good, just bagel serve a bit slow, price is reasonable. Just location might be a problem because it is quite hard to find parking space around there. 

The Mugshot Cafe
302 Chulia Street
10200 Penang

Tel:012 4056276
Business Hours:8am – 9pm
End with my outfit post,

Say Yeah To A Kiss top from Zara
Bottom from Taiwan 五分铺
Navy Crochet Women Classic from TOMS
Demin Bagpack from Topshop
Black G-shock

Sometimes I'm lazy so I will just pair a white top with a more pop out colour bottom, like what I do now.
Stay mono yet fashionable, don't ever follow the trend blindly then losing your own style. 

Till then. 

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