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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SexyLook Black Head Pore Cleanser Set by Hermo

Hi all, I just came back from Taiwan and it's nice to have good friend traveling with, I'm gonna blog about that in the next post, there will be lots of food post so stay tune. 

Today coming back to what I've interested for so long and finally found a Malaysia website, Hermo is selling, so hurry up click and buy! They provide excellent service too, the parcel reached my home on the next day after I purchased, very fast right?

SexyLook Black Head Pore Cleanser Set

It contains Deep Sebum Softener 20ml, Sebum Purifying Mask 60ml and Pore Treatment Essence 20ml

First softly massage the Deep Sebum Softener to soften your pores so the dirt can come out easier later. Then after wash it with water, apply a layer of Sebum Purifying Mask on your nose. 

It will look like this. =)

Then after the layer is dry and you can feel the hardness of the layer, you can start peel the layer off gently. Then you will saw lot's of gross stuff stick on the mask and you can't stop yourself for keep on looking at the mask, trust me, human are born to be full of curiosity. Hah!! 

You can't see right? Ok I zoom it for you. 

Aw my god!! See the oil and dirt!! Gross huh? Ok enough, faster scroll to the bottom.

One last picture of me with my July favourate mask. =D

Some of you out there must be curious, where can I buy this awesome stuff?
Now they are having promotion, selling it for only RM38 instead of RM49.90

All the above is not a sponsor review or any, it is just my favourate thing of the month and I'm thinking to share with you all. So what are you waiting for, hurry up buy it and try it, or you will regret!!

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