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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dazzling Cafe cafe pink @ Dà'ān District, Taipei

Today I'm gonna blog about my Taiwan trip and I've decided not to blog it day by day because it gonna be super naggy and I bet you guys don't want to read lar. So I will blog on the nice place or nice restaurant that I went for lunch or dinner, at least after you all read you will have a bit information on Taiwan right? So yes, first start with the famous and not disappointed one. 

Dazzling Cafe cafe pink

I know it is famous and surely will have a lot people que-ing, so we purposely drop by earlier to take the number. Then we walk around so time won't be wasted for the waiting, smart huh? And also there have different outlet all over Taiwan, cafe pink, cafe mint, cafe sunshine, cafe sky, cafe blueberry and cafe bubble. All have different theme and decoration. 

We realized nearby there is a shopping mall so after we took the number, we went to Zara to shop a little. The time we reach, big sales is happening all over the place. RM149 cloth all discount until RM49, who else can resist these? 

Yes, finally we can go in and have a good rest because our leg is all numb.

See the people mountain people sea!! (means it is always full house lar)

I really forget what is this drink already, so sorry, because this is not what I order.  
But i guess is Strawberry Tea With Raspberry 160 TWD

This is Dazzling Cocoa 140 TWD

Mine Fresh Tropical Fruit Tea (pot) 160 TWD

Now the main course come!

Mont Blanc Honey Toast 300 TWD
This is only available in the Cafe Pink branch and is season flavor, means it's limited edition. Who else can resist limited edition?! The waitress allow us to take picture with the toast until you want to vomit, then only they will cut the toast for you, you know girls!! 

After she cut it, the pretty toast become like this. Damn sad at first but once you try the first bite, you just can't stop anymore. Why the toast inside is so nice and the combination with the mont blanc flavour ice cream is only one word can describe "heaven". 

Then we try their waffle too.
Waffle With Honey, Butter & Cream 100 TWD
For waffle, I still think Max Blenner's is the nicest, maybe because of cold weather in Australia makes hot and chocolate taste better. Hmmm...

Some friendly reminders,
  • 1 table will only have 45 minutes to 1 hour of dining time 
  • one person must at least order a drink
  • be prepare to at least wait for 45 minutes 
Overall the food is not overrated, taste good, friendly service even when we are waiting outside. Price for food and drink is still affordable at least I think it worth the price lar. Honestly the honey toast does surprised me.

For more information, you can just visit their website The branch I visit is the Cafe Pink which located at 台北市大安區忠孝東路四段205巷7弄11號.

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