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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Laneign BB Soothing Cushion

Dear all, today I'm gonna update on my new found love, Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion. I highly recommended to who are looking for new foundation or BB cream because I personally try this for few weeks, it is good and it does give fair complexion like those K-pop star. Not to forget this is their award-winning product.

Notice that they using some sort like cushion as the base on the BB cream that i never seen before. When u press it with the sponge they provide, the liquid BB cream will stick on the sponge. They called it air pump technology, where a thin layer of liquid BB cream will dispenses onto the puff evenly. Then when you apply it on your face, it will cover evenly to give natural smooth finish. 

This is my original face, without concealer and eyebrow. See the dark circle, oh gosh!! 

Gently apply 1 or 2 layer for more coverage. Remember is pat it to the place that you want to cover up.

Tadaa, see the different. Less dark circle, more even skin tone and it feels like no make up at all. I also apply some colour to my lip for more healthy looking.

It is so easy to use and the finish won't give sticky feel, very refreshing. Plus it comes in a very compact and handy container, I can bring to wherever I go and it fit well with every types of handbag to clutch. After reading their official website, I'm more happy to use this as my daily make up basis, because it's not only a
cosmetic product, but it's also give benefits to your skin, like skin care products.

The benefits that bring to your skin:
It helps to retain moisture up to 30% and it also gives cooling effect to you skin because it reduce your skin temperature by 3 degree.

It contain silymarin, bead tree and y-PGA where they will reduces the production of melanin, regenerate your skin and bring back elasticity to your skin.

SPF50++ PA+++
SPF50 means it will protect your skin for 500 minutes, equals to 8 hours. And for PA+++, the more + means by the less you needed to have the ideal effect. In simple is mean by you will only need a little amount and protect your skin from the damage of UV light and re-apply after 8 hours which is long enough for your 1 day usage. Good right?

Yes, this is totally suitable for Malaysia weather, thumbs up!

Price I bought it around RM120 for 2 cushion on May when they having promotion, so for now I'm not very sure about the price. Any enquires, you can get the answer from any Laneign counter available in Malaysia. 

After reading all these, girls what are you waiting for? Faster go grab and enjoy having K-pop inspired skin tone, amaze your partner and even your haters. Hah!!

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