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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fluffy to the Desa Park City

Today gonna be a short post about Desa Park City near to Damansara. Actually I know this park for quite some time because previously Fluffy is staying in Penang so we didn't really visit there. This park is famously known, because they provide a big field that you can actually bring your pets there to play with others pets, jogging track, a few restaurant and coffee shop allow you to rest and chill there. 

We have been bringing Fluffy to the park for a few times, she firstly is a bit scare but after that she get used to it and she can run around without the chain. It's good to let your pets go out from the house and do some exercise. Imagine your got locked in the house for 24/7, boring right? 

Some owner might get curious, if I expose my pets to garden or park, will they get tick or any other disease? Yes, it might, so before bring your pets out, please make sure they had already de-worm. In simple means, the owner must make sure you had already bring your pets to the vet for their yearly vaccination. It is important because vaccination can avoid them falling sick or get attacked by others bacteria or virus. You want them to be healthy and happy, firstly must invest some money on their need. 

Big tongue she had. You can actually see she smiling all the way.

See, she is a poser!

Friendly note, there are several station along the jogging track, you will notice they do provide plastic bag for the owner to collect your pet's poops, in case lar right? It's good to make sure the park is well maintained so it is always clean for your pets to run around. 

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