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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Namoo on the Park @ Publika Solaris Dutamas

Dear all, this week everyone gonna be celebrating dragon boat festival, but not me. How I miss when I was young where I used to stay at home and get to eat fresh bak zhang, sigh.. Study and working at other places make me miss home cook even more. Now I only wish those pasar malam got sell nice and affortable bak zhang to cure my homesick. But anyway, today I'm going to blog about something which is totally no related to bak zhang. (hahahaha.. Stupid opening, face palm)

I previously already blogged about this but I decided to blog again because they have change their menu and i tried new food and it was fantastic. It is Namoo on the park, a korean dessert cafe located in Publika Solaris Dutamas. When you heard korea food, there must be bibimbap, kimchi soup, korean pancake and bulgogi rice.Yes, in Namoo they have all of these and they serve special food too. How to say special, let's see.

I have mine Garlic Bulgogi Rice
They served with korean marinated beef and garlic with rice.

Sunnyboy's Namoo Beef Rice Burger
The rice is moderate sticky so when you cut it might separate from the meat. 
But overall taste was good.

Last but not least, dessert we choose to have the famous
Sweet Potato Cake
This really surprise sunnyboy and me because the cake taste not like cake.
It taste like real potato which I never taste this kind of cake before.
The combination with vanilla ice cream is awesome to heaven.
I think it is very success because it made Sunnyboy like it. (he never likes dessert)
A big thumbs up for their chef. 

End with my #ootd
White top from Zara
Yellow pants from Australia for only RM10. (flip hair)
Flats from Toms Navy Crochet Women's Classics
Bag from Mulberry Oversized Alexa

Japan embassy just release news that from new year onward there is no needed visa for Malaysian, should I go? 

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