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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hair Revolution @ Number76style

Hi all, today I'm gonna blog about my hair revolution, sound weird but it does change over the time, and I think it become prettier and prettier. Want to know the hidden secret? Let's continue read.

When I was young, I wish to keep my hair long (because my secondary school doesn't allow to keep long hair, pufff) and yes, i did keep a very long hair. But then after that, I want to have more volume hair so I consult some random hair saloon, they ask me do those I don't know what name in english but in chinese is 玉米烫, cone style perm? So yes, I did and it spoiled my hair terribly!! (stupid me) 

After that I straighten it again, perm curl at the end of my hair. Yes, it spoiled my hair again. (stupid saloon) In between, I did a lot colouring because I'm so fancy on red colour hair but you all know red colour won't stay long. 

Until one day, I saw from, she is so hard sell on number76style, so here I am, setting number76style as my life time saloon. Why? Continue read larr... 

This is the first hair did by Amy, where I'm asking for cheeser's purple ash hair. 
And she did it, I'm so happy with this hair but it didn't last long 
because I wash my hair daily and wash with normal shampoo, not those colour shampoo, that's why!!

This is after 1 week time, see the different, greyish disappear and left only a little bit of purple. (sad)

Then because I bleach my whole hair, the colour dropped and left only ash.
So I go back asking Amy for help, she switch my hair into greyish ash again. 
I'm so obsessed with greyish ash hair that time, so everytime when it fade, 
I will go back to recolour again.
This time it does last longer because I wash my hair 2 day once with colour shampoo.

Then Amy asked me help her on her tv show, 
yes I helped and got new hair colour again (this is the main reason of helping, hahhahah..)
She start introducing me light purple and I love it and hate it at the same time. 
Hate it because when it fade, no more purple, then I'm sad. 

Then I went back, I don't want light colour anymore.
I tell Amy to do some dark colour for me, and try out ombre!
Yes, this is my favourate, because by the time by hair is long like super long.
I wonder what Amy did, my hair looks so volume, healthy and ombre.
Oh ya, must be the magic treatment!! 

After my fridge getting longer and longer.
I start to get bored of ombre again, maybe because I'm not Amy so I don't know how to volume up my hair.
So here I'm thinking to change hair colour again
But this time I cut short my hair, thinking to go for more boyish style!

So this is the one. (I've blogged before)
Pretty Amy and me. 
As promised, she did a great job again.
First time in my life not regretting for cutting my hair short!
But sadly is because previously I coloured my hair in darker colour so this time it is even more difficult to lighten my hair. So she ask me go back again next week for another colour.

This is before visiting Amy.
Hair colour is just normal brown and I think it look good too.
Somemore it looks so healthy!

After that, Amy did it again.
I'll called it Vintage Brown.
Does it look like some vintage doll hair colour.

Surprisingly, number76style has eyebrow colour service also. (thumbs up)

So yes, you see the revolution of my hair. You will saw a lot of bleaching and colouring, but still my hair looks super healthy. Why? Secrect is the magic treatment served at number76style. Trust me, the treatment does magic on your hair. 

Somemore now they have a new treatment to make ur scalp look even more shining called Tansan treatment. They using CO2 water to rinse through ur scalp and the CO2 will cause your scalp pore to transport more O2 to the scalp, this increase the scalp metabolisms rate. From here, all the dirt and oil that stubbornly stick on your scalp will fall off. In the end, you will see lots of dirt in the water. (yuckss) Believe me, after Tansan treatment, your scalp is free from dirt so your hair will fly higher, means more volume lar... 

Sound cool right? Why no give yourself a chance to try out all these awesome service?
They have 3 branch in Malaysia, Midvalley, Mont Kiara Plaza and the newly open branch at Bangsar (Amy is here) 
What are you waiting for, hurry up click on to make appointment at the top right corner.

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