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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Long to Short? Bangsar Number76style

Dear all, I think it's time to have some changes on me myself, my life recently is so boring. Everyday routine schedule, wake up work back home dinner rest sleep wake up work... Just keep repeating everyday. So I went to find Amy and I told her I want some changes, big changes is needed. I also show her some thai hot chick I followed in instagram as references, as their hair is really always awesome and I always wonder how they maintain their hair. Ok back to the topic, so we came to a conclusion, shoulder length and dye some healthy colour on it. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Previous hair,
ombre and waist length hair.

It is always fun to curl, tie or bun it as it is long enough to fun with. But as time goes on, you will get boring with it, lazy also. At the end, you will have everyday straight hair and it is kinda boring. Plus the end of my hair is kinda spoil after don't know how many times of bleach, so CUT!

Tadaa.. Amy did a very great job, It is exactly what I imagine. 
I wonder how she curl it until it look so volume
I guess is their Tansan treatment that fully remove the dirt on my scalp, 
so my hair can fly higher = more volume.
And also their Magic treatment (ultrasonic iron), 
the best is do it right after you dye your hair.
It will helps to enhance the quality of your hair and lock the colour on your hair so it will last longer.

Once again, thankiew pretty Amy and number76style.
Wanna find Amy? She now moved to Bangsar branch, and also Bangsar is their newly opened branch.
More space and much more cozy also. 
Everyone there is so friendly, BEST! 

This is what i did in the normal day, very natural curl by just tied my hair into bun when I'm sleeping. 
The next day, tadaa... very natural curl, I super like. 
Amy really did a very good job on estimating my hair length. Luv u!!
*first time try on super red lips, how do I look? nu

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