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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fashion Post: It's all about WHITE,

Hi all, promised to update a fashion post so I'm here. Today I'm gonna talk all about WHITE!! Personally, the cloths that normally catches my eye are grey, white, black, and earth colour. I personally think I'm not suitable to neon colour and any bright colour because that will makes me look more darker because I don't have fair skin. 

So at first I saw this legging, I was like "I'm gonna get this, this belongs to me!!" So thanks to Mintslens Closet ,they have lots of stylenanda inspired tops and bottoms and their quality is damn impressive. Believe me, just step out from your circle, have your first online shopping with Mintslens Closet, you definitely will get what I mean!!  

Here goes my golden rule again:
Don't be greedy!
This outfit I choose to focus on my legging 
because itself is enough to make the whole outfit stands out.
Other things just make it as simple as possible. *flip hair

I paired stylenanda inspired legging with a long fluffy white top. 
Creating an elongation of your upper part body. 
Then a black stud flat from Portsman matches with my G-shock watch.
Surprisingly my new copper brown hair match with my Oversized Mulberry.
Created another outing outfit. #ootd

Lastly a quick end. *kiss kiss

Up next: Stylenanda inspired gradient lips
p/s: I'm still finding ways to capture a more obvious gradient colour on the lips. Any suggestion? 

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Chiew Nee said...

I like your fluffy top! ^^