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Monday, May 20, 2013

Fashion Post, The Golden Rule: Don't Be Greedy!

Dear all, I promised to blog once a week so here I am. Today is fashion post, personally first time trying the new bought legging from Topshop, it is a blue checker printed legging which in this season is a must have element. I pair it with a Stylenanda inspired Tee that halfly sponsor by Mintslens Closet. Just click on the name will bring you to their facebook. I decided to go for more boylish style AGAIN at the end of the day. 

Stylenanda inspired tee from Mintslens Closet
Blue checker legging from Topshop
Black furry stud from Portsman
Watch from Casio, G-Shock
Backpack from Topshop *sorry forget to capture it

Super in love with the oversized tee because it makes me look taller.
At first I was really reluctant to buy the checker legging because i thought checker print can only suit with plain white or black top. But surprisingly, it goes well with almost everything as long as the top don't be different series of colour and fancy type. Keep in simple and same series colour with the lower part. 

*important note:
Don't be greedy!!
Why say so? Because the golden rule is just choose one part that you want it to be focus on, the rest just keep it as simple as possible. Either shoes, tops, bottoms or acessories, just choose one. 
Too flowery, people will thought u are a walking flower pot.

Me and Sunnyboy waiting for my friend to arrive @ Curve.

My eyebrow is too dark here, going to dyed it next week at Number76style. 
I'm gonna end it here. Bye all. xoxo

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