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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The RedBean Bag @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Hello all, today I'm gonna do some review on a restaurant I visited last weekend, Australia update will be later then. Firstly outfit of the day first, I decided to try on more feminine style to match up my flowery TOMS that I got from Australia. So I choose white top because white colour is the most universal colour to match with the grey skirt. Short skirt make my leg look longer though. Classic oak colour Mulberry is forever suit for feminine look. Also curled my hair with big wave to let the ombre colour stand out.

White basic top with metal on neckline detail from MNG
Grey skirt from CottonOn
Navy crochet classic from TOMS
Oversized Alexa from Mulberry

Close up look of the TOMS,
Spotted the navy flower details bring more spring feel.
And indeed, this is the spring collection of TOMS classic

Today I'm goona talk about the RedBean Bag located at Publika, is highly recommended by my colleague and also highly review on the internet. I bet lots of you sure heard about these restaurant before, so last Saturday I decided to give it a try. 

Because I went on Saturday so it is quite crowded, so be wise, do choose the time u go to avoid the crowd if u want some quiet environment. I believe weekdays there will be less crowded. However, the interior design of the restaurant is quite cozy though. And their service overall is good.


Non-stop selca before the food come. 

Sunnyboy's The Leeky Duck
Tender Slices Of Smoked Duck Breast, Served With Leek & Duck Broth On A Bed Of Spaghettini
The portion is quite small but the taste is so surprisingly good.
The smoked duck is incredibly good, a very rich sense of smoked fully captured inside the tiny piece of duck. It definitely worth the price. 
Sunnyboy even said it has fine dining taste hiden inside such tiny little dish is superb pro. 
Deduction of 0.5 is because the portion is quite small for guys. Rating 9.5/10

Mine'Croque Monsieur
Grilled Turkey Ham & Cheese Sandwich Delight-Fully Coated With Generous Amount Of Mozzarella
I decided to try out their breakfast but sadly this disappointed me. Too much of cheese and the bread is too oily, for me is just too much for breakfast. Actually just normal butter on bread, topped with turkey ham and lots of cheese. Definitely not worth the price. 
Still got 5 marks because it is still eatable and taste not bad. Rating 5/10

Because Sunnyboy feels nothing after finished the spaghetti so he order Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup
With A Touch Of Truffle Oil
Their mushroom soup is surprisingly good. Not very creamy yet every mouth u can taste the details taste of mushroom. Definitely my top choice in soup. 
Overall taste and look both good but nothing is prefect right, so Rating 9/10 

Overall, this little restaurant do surprise me with lots of good food, definitely will visit again to try out the other food.

Last post, I forget to mention that I got Les Deux Garcons macaroons the other day when I visit Bangsar. Fyi, it is located near to number76style which just opposite Bangsar Village. First impression is was good because the lady boss is so friendly to us, she even gave me a free salted caramel macaroon as my first try because I told her it is my first time visit. Their salted caramel is tasted like dooms day for me, i never tried such good salted caramel before, or maybe I should say I never know how to appreciate caramel before. This is the first time I'm fall in love with caramel.

So far I ate:
green tea, so so.
strawberry, so so too.
chocolate, ok for me. (levain nicer)
Left blueberries and mint chocolate I haven't try. But I still think salt caramel is the best!!

Finally it comes to the end, finished it with this. Sorry for being too love with my new camera so I selca too much. Please forgive me.

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