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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Outfit Post #1

Loha everyone, today I'm gonna blog about some of my outfit that I normally wear. I don't wear fancy flowery or colourful outfit, I prefer earth colour such as grey, white, black, or some brown, earthish green and red. I personally think that this type of colour suit me more. So less nagging, let's start!!

Shoulder copped tee from H&M
Shoulder length nude bag from Zara
Skinny jeans from Nakedkimchi
Leopard flat from Topshop
Baby-G Classic black and gold watch
Together with wavy ash gradient hair

This outfit is just perfect to stay classic yet showing some shoulder makes the whole outfit more stylist. Little details like leopard printed flat adds more stylist feel. Normally I prefer to stay more boylish so here I have my Baby-G watch.

Black and white top from Kitchen
Green hot pant from Topshop
Light pink flat from Pedro
Bag from Mulberry
Shades from SUPER

Hot pants and dark shades are always the prefer choice for super hot day like Malaysia. Together with pink flat creating more feminine look. Instead of shoulder bag, I'm choosing hand carried bag to secure the femininity feel. 

Oversize demin top from CottonOn
Jegging from Nakedkimchi
Christmas printed flat from Johor
Should bag from Zara

This is another look for shopping trip or movie day, because normally it is cooler in shopping mall and cinema. I purposely choose the Christmas feel printed flat to complete the look. 

Grey black dress from online shop
Sneakers from CDG x Converse
Baby-G Classic black and gold watch
Bag from Mulberry

Another heaty day so I decided to wear dress for that day. Being headache about what should I wear for my shoes, and finally made a decision on the CDG x Converse sneaker to complete the boylish look. As always, I don't like to look too girlish so I add on my Baby-G watch together with the sneaker. 

So here's a few point where I usually stick to when I'm buying cloths or choosing what to wear.
  1. Earth colour such as brown, grey, earthish green, red, blue, mustard yellow, the favourate black
  2. More on classic and boylish look
  3. Sometimes plain item is too boring so I will choose to have some small detail on it

The end, any recommend or comment kindly left your message in the comment box. =)

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