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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mekong Vietnamese Food @ Victoria City Tour

I finally have time to sit down here updating my Australia trip to you all, see how much I love u all. Just a quick update for the first day. So right after I finished my working on Wednesday, rush home and straight rush to airport for the flight. I purposely choose midnight flight so I can save 1 more day for the trip. 

Wearing spec, because no body will have make up on for 8 hours flight, SIAO!!

The slightly excited face before we enter the departure hall.

Last picture before we took off to Australia. 

We reach Australia at 9am Australia time, 6am Malaysia time. My friend drop by the airport to pick up us and here we go, city touring day for the first day of the trip. 

Simple ootd
Checker top from Topshop
Thick legging from online shop
Baby G and Oversized Alexa Mulberry

First stop we stop by is the state library of Victoria. How I wish we have such wonderful library in Malaysia, but sadly any library in Malaysia surely cannot fight with this one.  

We meet an uncle drawing the interior view of the library.

Seriously, what a wonderful place to study. I'm surely will have stronger ohm to study in such environment.

Lunch time, my friend bring us to the nearest and famous restaurant for Vietnamese cuisine known as Mekong.

See, full of people. Majority is chinese student but spot it, even Australian know how to appreciate Vietnam food. 

The famous rice paper roll, same call it summer roll. 
The rice paper is totally different from what we know "popiah". 
It is more chewy that "popiah"
There are some sort like meehoo, fresh prawn, some vege and nuts inside the roll. 
Eating together with the sauce they gave, is superb nice. 
Worth to try!

Another famous food is their beef noodle.
We order half cook and half raw beef noodle. 
Means the raw beef is raw when put into the soup and slowly cooked by the hot soup. 
So you can either wait longer for it to cook or eat when it is half cook.
I personally prefer half cook, the beef is so much softer and smoother.

They also come together with lots of bean sprouts and vege. 
As your personal preference, you can choose to put all the vege into the noodle or put bit by bit.
Overall their food is good, no wonder it is famous.
Just that u have to wait a while because their restaurant is so small.
But it is worth to wait for it. 

241 Swanston StreetMelbourneVictoria 3000Australia

(03) 9663 3288

That's all for the first half part of first day. Will continue in the next post. =)

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