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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fashion Post, How to have a longer leg?

Fashion post is up. Election is coming and who are you going to vote for? No need to tell me because I don't want to know, hahaha... So yes, today going to blog about my outing outfit last weekend. We went to Pavillion Ippudo to solve my crave of Japanese ramen, the food review I'm going to do next time. *pinky promise 

I went a bit boyish again, as usual, paired my rock tees with high waist denim to create an illusion of longer legs, plus the high stage boots equals even longer legs, yes I'm succeed! There are 2 ways for longer leg, first is pair your bottom and shoes with same colour item. This will create an illusion where your waist is dislocate at the higher point so your whole leg will be longer. The second way is wearing high waist pants or skirt and pair it with high heel, believe me, high heels do make your leg's proportion become prefect!

Dark denim from EDC
Beige boots from Nakedkimchi 
Back pack bag from Topshop

Super in love with the newly bought denim backpack bag. 
I've notice recently this kind of bag is super in trend, so I decided to have one. 

And on my way home, we went to poslaju to pick up some parcel. I'm so excited because my baby phone going to have new cloths. So yes, the givenchy rottweiler phone case has finally arrived!! 

The quality is super good, it is whole matt black coated with rottweiler print on it. 
Anti scratching so it is durable for rough user like me. 

Thanks to the coolest dealer, Glamcases!! Just click on the word then will bring u to their facebook.
They just newly upload the angel wing case for iphone user. 
So cute, too bad I'm not a iphone user, or else I will be broke buying their cute case!!

That's all for today.

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