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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Escape to Langkawi.

Hello, I'm back like finally. Yes, I have been neglect my blog for some time and I decided to come back because I've set every Tuesday night as my blogging night. So hell ya, I'm sitting here right now. 

I decided to start blogging with my Langkawi trip because it's chinese new year. A fresh new start for a brand new year. If u guys followed my twitter, u will know I spend my chor yat and chor yi at Langkawi with my family. Not much excited thing happen but just a relax and casual holiday with my beloved family. It's gonna be a super photo-heavy post, cause pictures tell a thousand words right? #lazykid 

The hotel we staying made me feel I'm a princess. XD
Look like castle right? 

The beach outside the hotel I'm staying. 

Start my chor yat with the hater cap that I got from boundlezz. 

Cable car. fml. Too high for me, leg shaking like mad.

When I thought I already reached the highest point but not!! There is another station to change the we going higher point. fml, seriously fml.

But no doubt, the scenery is seriously breathtaking. I can’t even believe everything I saw on the top of the mountain. There are lots of small island surrounding Langkawi, no words can describe the awesomeness that I feel.

This is the bridge on top of the mountain that joined another top of the hill. But sadly the day we went there the bridge is close for maintenance. 

Then we went to Tanjung Rhu for eagles feeding. 
Seriously can't believe the silky white sand along the beach. Besides sabah and those famous island, I think there is no other place can fight this beach. The reason I love Tanjung Rhu is because it is surrounded by lots of small island so less wave along the beach, this makes the sand is so clean and white.  

Depart from Tanjung Rhu, we went into the swampy area where the sea meets the river. There is a spot where the feeder usually feed the wild eagles. When the eagles hear our boat’s motor sound, they will fly down and start to eat the food we throw into the water. First time in my life watching wild eagles hunting for food in front of me. Cool right?

That’s all for Langkawi trip, the rest is all sleeping, eating and chill with my family and I bet u all don’t wish me to blog about these right, it’s kind of boring. So see ya.

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