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Sunday, January 13, 2013

YSL & Chanel

Gonna do a short update here since I'm bored of watching drama and doing nothing but scrolling facebook up and down. I'm gonna blog about present I got for Sunnyboy because his present is coming soon and some christmas present I got for myself. 

So firstly is Sunnyboy's birthday present. Actually at first totally have no idea what should I buy him, but since I'm working so I have save some extra money so I decided to buy him some expensive stuff. He is the one who always buy me expensive stuff but I never buy him once in these 5 years because seriously I poor in saving money. And now I'm a good girl who know how to control myself so I got a little bit extra money to buy him a good present. 

So yes, budget and target set so start to hunt for the present. But I seriously have no idea whether he like the present or not so I decided to bring him along to choose the one he like. And yes, he choose the one I firstly choose for him one, clever girlfriend. =D 

And yes again, he is happy with the present and fyi, YSL is now becoming Saint Lauren which no more the "Y", because they change designer so the belt I got for Sunnyboy is now become limited edition. LOL

And surprising after I posted this pictures, lots of friends come and ask me where to buy this because of the limited edition maybe? I don't know. But it is worth to collect as no more YSL in the market now. 

Another one is the present I got for myself. A Chanel lipstick. I'm not that rich to buy so many chanel cosmetic lar. All these are Sunnyboy's sister together with mine Chanel cosmetic, but own by me alone ok. *I cheated u all, HAHAHA.. 

So, me and Sunnyboy happily ended our 2012 and welcoming 2013 with a heart that full of hope and faith. Gonna blog about my new year resolution soon. Goodnight and stay chic. =)

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