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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Number76style: I'm on TV

So yes previously I accepted my first modeling case, guess what, not photoshoot, not joining fashion show or what, is on tv show. The reason I tried this is because plainly want to help my hairstylist Amy and I will just need to sit there do nothing. Cool right? XD 

So I went to my hairstylist for re-colour and styling my hair. Indeed, a good preparation is needed for a good show. This is the outcome. Can't see much different in here because this is not in curl hair. 

Pink and purple at the bottom. =)
Yes, I'm a BigBang's fans. =D

The next day we went to ntv7 for the show. Didn't make it to take picture in the studio because everyone is rushing here and there. But I managed to meet with Lumi, sesamechestnut the famous blogger with different hair colour she got. This time is ocean blue plus green. She looks like a real person walking out from final fantasy. LOL

See I told u!! Blue hair makes me think of BigBang's blue!!

Waterfall did by Amy.
Number76style actually blogged about this at their blog. Click here for more pictures. 

The after show hair, the curl slightly drop and become more natural. =)
So went back home, non-stop selca-ing. 100 self capture photos but only choose 1 to upload. Girlsss.. =D
Tons of selca coming..

See the purple and pinkish become more obvious under a curl hair. Love it!!

After the first wash, the purple turn more obvious under normal day light and even on straight hair. 

Overall everyone did a really good job. Thanks to my hairstylist Amy for giving me this opportunities. Looking forward for more collaboration.  =))

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