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Monday, January 7, 2013

Komugi Cafe @ Tokyo Street

Today I'm gonna blog about my Christmas eve as u all know, everywhere is super crowded with people during public holiday or holiday eve in the city. So me and sunnyboy was thinking where should we go so we can avoid those terrible crowd. Firstly I was planning to go Gold Coast Sepang for 1 night stay but all fully book. I'm so sad and totally no idea where should we go. So lastly I came out with an idea, why no we go catch up a movie then a proper dinner will do. So yes, we both agree to enjoy our christmas eve that way. 

So we went to Komugi cafe to try out their food and dessert because we got recommended by one of my babe Christine. I just got the picture of my own food but forget to take sunnboy's food. 

My dinner. Some sort of hamburger... I really forget it's name. *fail blogger 
Just went to check out their food, quite nice and affordable though.  

I remember this. Tofu Cheese Cake.
Heaven!!! I miss this one. But the bottom layer is little too sweet for me. 
Overall the tofu and cheese is a good combination. Yum yum...

Sunnyboy has bunny teeth. =)

and me has purple hair, no bunny teeth and apple cheek. =(

Then we went for The Hobbit. Nice movie, highly recommended for those who haven't watch hurry up before it finished. After the movie, 12.30 midnight and it's christmas. We didn't celebrate much just walk around and went home. Peaceful and relax with my love is more then enough for me. =)

Outfit of the day
Fury knit top from H&M
Khaki pants from Cotton On
Leopard print flat from Topshop
Mulberry bag

Wish u all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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