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Friday, January 4, 2013

Cheated by Starbucks

Starting my 2013 with a not very polite post. Story starts like that.

Firstly I saw starbucks gonna launch their 2013 planner. So condition is purchase 15 handcrafted beverages and redeem starbucks 2013 planner. So I was like, yes, I'm gonna get this. Problem is I'm the only one who drink starbucks' drink, so slowly i gather my 15 cups and finally yesterday which is 3.1.2013 I went to Sunway Pyramid for redeem my planner. Who knows the staff told me it is out of stock and they not going to restock anymore. I was like wtf, then how? They told me to email to their customer service seek for further solution. Then I went to Setia Walk's starbucks, there also out of stock. I do email and no one reply me. I'm nervous so I decided to log into their facebook to see whether any solution is posted up there. Surprisingly, I'm not the only one, a lot loyal customer does having the same problem with me. Their customer service is not replying their email and everyone is so disappointed, including me. 

So let's see. This is the prove that I have the complimentary pass for redeem of the planner.
But hey, notice that the condition there stated "valid until 15 January or while stocks last". Since today is just 4.1.2013 and I heard it already out of stock since 20 December. So what's the point to put so long redemption period. This is called marketing strategy, cheating innocence people's money. Just imagine 1 handcrafted drinks the cheapest also will cost us RM12+, multiple by 15 = RM180+. And end up all the planner is out of stock and 15 cups is for nothing.   

Somemore the terms of condition stated "while stocks last". OK, FINE. The so not generous attitude is why your admin can everyday update twitter and facebook for "Good Morning" but not updating status let us know that the planner is out of stock so we won't continue gather our 15 cups. Wasting our money, but yes, u all earn money and become rich. So not fair. Again, I FEEL CHEATED!!!

Yes, now see how ur loyal customer comment but u all just don't care, not replying and no any response on us. 

See this pity Yuki Chor, the customer service is just for display purpose but not replying us, even a auto-reply message also no. What a customer service? I do email them, but until now, no any single reply is received. Pity us, happy u..  

Again, no one is replying my twitter also. Seriously disappointed me!!!

Last year happens the same thing but this year repeat again. No any improvement or any other solutions. I believe this does happen every year, because u provide a service that once u redeem your first planner u can use RM45 to buy the second one. This provide a chance for those greedy one or I can say maybe some people need 2 planner for everyday working, who knows. But this for those who come later like us (Not even over the redemption period) is so not fair. 

Some people purposely using Rm45 to buy the second planner and sell it in online forum. 

Ridiculous Rm120!!! Sorry for exposing ur name but since u dare to put it in a forum and sell, why u will scare me exposing u, huh? But seriously, Rm120+. For those we has already spend 15 cups which is Rm180+ and now spend another Rm120+ for the your planner, total is RM300, for a freaking planner. I gave up!!! My dear Starbucks, if u really love ur customer who help u earn so much, just imagine what we gonna spend just for 1 planner. I personally gave up on this because I'm just a student that don't have high income. 

Some group of people even create a page for boycotting starbucks. I seriously hope this will work, as if it will force them to find a solution for us or maybe just reply our email for a proper answer. 

The reason I blogged about this is because I really felt cheated for all those hard work gathering the drinks and all the money I spent. Disappointed with your customer service and I believe nowadays internet spreading speed does help at least a bit. Please response to us!! Don't ignore us, u will just lost plenty of your loyal customer like me. I swear if I didn't get any response from your side, I won't have ur drink or food anymore. Seriously disappointed. 

Lastly, this really express my feeling. Nah!!

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