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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Day at Melody FM @ Astro Station

Hello hello, I'm back. Sorry for letting u all wait for so long. So today I'm gonna blog something excited. I was invited to on air at Melody FM, sound cool but it actually some company event that we collaborate with Eun Yang Sang. Our aim is educating general knowledge about your intestinal health for the public to increase the aware of your gut health. As u all know, our stomach in the place where we cannot see using our eye but just feel and observing symptoms, so it is important to always take care of your intestinal health. =)

The studio of Melody FM is actually sharing with MY FM and all those Astro english and malay radio  station, so I actually meet a lot people during the day. I saw 林德荣, 颜薇恩, 黄隽斌 and 卓卉勤.Should ask them for photos. Sigh... 

Pattern much. Seriously I'm so nervous because this is the first time for me. =D

Testing the mic and the DJ said my voice is too soft and he asked me to shout. =D
Forget to mention, the DJ his name is Jentzen. 

Me and Angel. Both of us are invited for this event.

Before they start, we self capture first. 

Finally we start to pre-record our sections. It take us almost 4 hours to finish all the recording. 

So tragedy happen here, the sections that Angel recorded it disappear right after we searching through the pc. Their staff tried to find through their server but also failed so we decided to record again. That's why it take us to finish all in 4 hours. Seriously thanks to the patient of the Dj, Jentzen and thanks god not my section disappear, if not I'm gonna talk all again. =D

Big clap for us and DJ Jentzen. We all did a very good job. Hope to see you next time. =)

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