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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Big Day: Monash Graduation

Today is 12.12.12. Yes, this post is overdue post where happens around 1 month back in November. Lazy me indeed. But finally I have time to do some update here. As u all know, I have been very busy with my working, no time even for my family and Sunnyboy. Yes, my lovely blog, I'm back. I don't dare to promise to blog frequently but I will try my best. *pinky promise

Today gonna blog about my big day, my graduation, no more uni life. I have been hunting the graduation outfit for so long since one month before the graduation and finally I found almost like what I want at Forever 21, note: is almost like but not the perfect one because I'm lack of time for outfit hunting already.

Did my hair and make up by my own. Nice? 

It has been a very rush and busy day, the time we reach, rushing for gown collection at the specific hall. Busy adjusting our outfit so it fit well enough. Another terrible thing is the mortarboard, we need to fix it on our head so it won't fell off. Clip here and there. Terrible!!

See I even helping my friend for her mortarboard. LOL

The 4 flower. *beh paiseh lorrr

And yes, long time no see Mr Apple. 

So the graduation starts but our parents can't move to the front to take photos, only uni authorize photographer can go to the front roll and snap the precious moment.

Thanks papa and mama for everything. =)

This is the only photo taken with Sunnyboy, the love one.

So yes after that, we went outside for tons of pictures, this will happens only once in the whole life, why not shoot more pictures for memories. 

Baby Munyee, miss being crazy with u.

Yes throwing the mortarboard is a must. Happy graduation my babes.

Thanks lovely senior for being for careful, he purposely rush from his work, how sweet. 

Some of my coursemate and I miss u all so much. Uni life is always the best. =)

Finally my precious papa and mama. Love u!!

Finally thanks to the cutie Sunnyboy, thanks for the surprise and I love it so much. <3 p="p">

I bet nothings can compared with uni life where we hang out so much together, we share our happiness and sadness together, the thing we have been through is no one else can replace it. I'm sure there is some conflict during the journey but at last we made it to the end. All of us hugging together and celebrating the happy moment. Wish my friends all the best in your future, stay chick and cheers. 

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