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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

19.12.2012 Merry Christmas

Hi all, I'm back doing another random post. All these pictures are some thing I've done recently. Actually nothing much happening around me so a random post will do. =D

So yes, I went to Sibu and Kuching for some company event, layman term is working lar. =D Ok, long story coming, I really shocked by Sibu because it is really a real small town, even smaller than Sabah's KK. OMG.. I was like I'm gonna stay here for 2 days, oh god!! Imagine we can walk the whole town and that's it Sibu. LOL But Kuching do make us feel better as still got few shopping mall we managed to find during our 

The river side view along Kuching uptown.

The talk I did at Sibu. This is a very successful talk as everyone is so supportive and kind. Thank you Sibu. 

Another talk at Kuching

Then I went back to KK to visit mummy and daddy. 
Guess who I meet, the cutie little one, so naughty yet so lovely. =D

Got my booties from NakedKimchi. Mad excited and happy. 

Me and Sunnyboy went to hunt some skin care products to rescue our face. Sunnyboy has pimple attack and me has dark circle and bad complexion attack. Die!!

Heard that Kiehl's is pretty good so we think we should had a try. Sunnyboy got himself cleanser, toner and acne treatment cream. Me got myself eye cream to cure my darkcircle, lipbump, colour hair shampoo and hand and body lotion. I actually got myself a free Kiehl's christmas bag. So far so good, Sunnyboy's face recover a lot and my eye not that tired looking another. 

We went for plan b so some good food after 7 days non-stop working. Tired @.@
Tried their grill mushroom sandwish, not bad actually. =D

Sunnyboy and me recently fall in love with tea, we will have tea for almost all outside dinner. 
Sunnyboy favourate earl grey, me favourate chamomile. 

Last but not least, wish u Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. =)

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