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Monday, November 19, 2012

Top Ash Bottom Purple @ Number76style Midvalley

Hi guys, how's ur monday? Anyone having monday blue now? Currently on mc because I think I'm falling sick and need some rest after the hectic weekend. So yes, I'm here doing some update so my blog won't look so dead. Just over with the graduation and seeing cutie parent wearing such formal for their daughter important day, 他们见证了一切,三年半的努力没有白费,谢谢爸妈!!

So yes, before that, I went to Number76style at Midvalley to recolour my fade hair. I don't want to look so yellowish for my graduation day. Went to meet Amy and after some discussion, decided to have some darker ash like last time but a bit different for the bottom part, I trusted Amy so I just leave my hair to Amy. And the end result was love!! I'm so happy with the purplish end and the ash colour for the top part. So nice and so fermine. Be ware when scroll down, tons of vain photos. =DD

The process of colour is so unavoidable to become like an alien. 

Spot the purplish at the bottom part. So nice!!

Forgot to mention, I also trim my fringe so it won't look so messy. 

Thanks to Amy, I look like Korean now. *beh paiseh lorrr... =D

This is after the first wash, the purple look even more purple. =DD

Amy some more let me try out their new hair treatment, the magic colour treatment (coming soon) for free.
See my hair even smoother than last time. 

Number76style have give me lots of confident and everytime I went there I will just let my hair for them to do whatever they want. They just so creative and so nice to my hair. Even I bleach my hair last time, I won't feel any spoilage towards my hair, and it still look nice until now. So guys, any enquire and curiosity about Number76style, just go and try out their service, u definitely won't regret. p/s: they didn't sponsor me anything, I just plainly recommending good saloon for u all.  

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