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Friday, November 9, 2012

Long Lost FoodScience Gang

Get ur crayon, get ur crayon, get ur cray get ur crayon. LOL I'm super hyper now because it's friday, TGIF!!! Early morning I'm gonna continue with my Singapore trip with unimates. I think u will just see people in this post and lots of group photos. 

So we went to Watson and I was so thirsty and I saw this water. I was like I want to try, I want to try, because I used to see this water in a lot korean drama. So let's taste it maybe it is just an ordinary water. But, wow, the taste surprised me. It actually taste really good, like non-artificial fake fruit taste and sweetness is just nice. Why Malaysia not selling this? =(

Then we settle our hunger at MOS Burger then we decided to go temple pray pray, because everyone got their difficulties in finding job.

The differences of being working and being jobless? LOL

They even went to shake the bamboo stick, seeking for good sign? =D

This is the group photo taken after our dinner at Strictly Pancake. 

Seriously I think the restaurant waiter handle DSLR and polaroid very good. 

As u wish, u get to work at Singapore with them now. Congrats and thanks to guan yim ma!! 

Ooo, forget to introduce, my new hair colour, greenish ash top part and brownish bottom part for that time. Now I think it fade till like yellowish blonde already. Gonna recolour soon for the graduation. =)

Why this Munyee always being so cute one?

After dinner we head to Clarke Quay for some alcohol session. 

Chicky face. Lol..

She went to Korea early of this week for vacation, remember buy me dukbokki arrr... 

Sorry a little bit dark but still look nice lar. =D

Here's another one. =D

End with our group photo. Miss out 3 person, 2 in KL and 1 in NZ. We promised to gather again next year. Let's plan!!

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