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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bulgogi Brother @ Paradigm Mall

Yes I'm back. Another food post is up. That day me and sunnyboy went to Paradigm searching for some good food, and we found this, Bulgogi Brother. I heard that it is a newly opened korean restaurant and coincidentally I'm craving for Kimchi soup. So here we go.

Look at their bbq set!! A love shape meat!!

This dish can be refill. I think is mashed potato or pumpkin is so damn nice. =)) 

Sogogi Naengchae
So me and sunnyboy decided to have some healthy dinner so we ordered salad, of course with little bit beef on top. I super like this salad, it's totally my taste!!

Gang Doenjang
Mixed rice with soybean paste with some tofu, minced meat and vege.  

Kimchi Jjigae
Order this to solve my crave!! =DD

Overall the food was nice, and the service was the best korean restaurant I've experienced. Definitely will go back for their bbq set with the love shape meat. Price is a bit pricey so be ready lots of cash if u don't have credit card. =DD

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