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Sunday, November 4, 2012

BigBang Galaxy Alive World Tour @ Stadium Merdeka

Hi all, I'm gonna die soon!! Monthly cramp is killing me!!! Anyway, I try my best to stay awake here so I can do some update here, my blog seems so dead!! So yes, *breath breath breath breath.... I'm gonna blog about my Bigbang's concert last last week at Stadium Merdeka, although I'm not the VIP that can stand near to them, but i still feel them, at least we are breathing the same air right?? 

Actually I feel a bit unfair because I heard that there is some opening on the spot for VIP and some people actually got their ticket on that day without queing, so what's the point we que till die also can't take the VIP but some people has it without any affort? I know I offended some people here but I que too, que for almost 2 hours, so do u que? I mean que doesn't mean affort or any, just some scarification for an awesome thing is the main point I'm talking about. 

Whatever, u happy I happy. So back to the topic, I reach there quite early so I actually heard the boys rehearsal inside. The first thing I didn't is to grab a rain coat for me and Sunnyboy, yes, I'm so clever, it really rain, somemore is heavy rain!!  

Me and Sunnyboy waiting outside.

Say cheese!!

This is after we enter and we finding some good spot while waiting the concert to start.

People everywhere!!

Using my new baby for panaroma effect, cool!!

After around 1 hours of waiting. Concert finally starts!! The time they came out, the heavy rain stopped, the boys are like rainbow for me!! XD

Imagine the whole stadium merdeka become blue in colour when they singing BLUE. So pretty and nice!!

Some exclusive scene in Malaysia is Taeyang slip and he accidentally fall down, because of the rain and wet floor. Becareful my Teydaddy!! 

The concert end!! And I'm happykid!!!

So yes the last one, vain me and shy sunnyboy.

Yes I know it was far away from the stage because I just buy RM188. Planning to buy RM388 but end up all sold out, so I feel a bit unfair for those who able to grab VIP on the spot!! Hmph!! I'm sure will go for VIP on their next world tour. 

So yes, the overwhelming of BigBang after the concert, I've gone mad, and I bought this at their official booth!!

I'm won't tell the price and at least this comfort me a bit... Yes, a bit... 

After the concert, the next day, I heard that they actually went to Pavillion or The Gardens for some walk walk. I actually planning to go but I'm busy with some other things so didn't go. Actually just Taeyang went to Pavillion for some window shop, and he bought the famous cloth washing detergent, TOP for TOP as birthday present. LOLOLOL... Cute Teydaddy!!

And and and last but not least, Happy Birthday TOP.
It's Top's day!!

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