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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Antipodean @ Bangsar

Sorry for abandoned my blog for so long, it feels so good to have a relax day and sitting here at home updating my blog. =)) So some short update, here we go, one day (I don't really remember when already, sorry) after I finished my work, me and Sunnyboy decided to have some good food to compensate our tough week. So we travel down to Bangsar and search for some good food, and we saw this, Antipodean!! I have been wanting to try their food and now finally I got the chance!!

We are too hungry so we ordered an apple pie to fill our stomach first.

Then Sunnyboy's Big Breakfast came. 

Mine Smoke Salmon Omelet.

This little man made my day. Sunnyboy's cappuccino.

Overall the food was good, environment was nice, and service is pretty well, but it's kinda weird because we having breakfast for our dinner. LOL 

Here u go, Happy Deepavali and Happy holidays guys. =DD

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