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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Burger Lab @ Seapark

Wow wow yay yay~~ I love u more than I can say.. =DD Back in blogging, half way working and I'm too sien for those workload so I decided to skip it first, I wanna rest a bit, just a bit kay? So yes, 久仰大名了, I have been knowing the famous burger shop in PJ area but I don't really know the exactly location of the shop so always didn't visit them. One day after I work, Sunnyboy and me decided to pay a visit to this long-heard-famous burger shop, The Burger Lab!!

We reach there around 8 something and still a lot people que-ing, as expected, we need to wait for 45 to 60 minutes. They have their menu on the wall so there will be a lot people squeezing there looking for their burger. We reach there quite late so the chicken burger all finished, super sad lar wei.. Must visit for second time to try out their chicken burger.

Periodic chart of burger ingredient on the wall. =)

While waiting, I have some quality time with the Sunnyboy. <3 p="p">

Finally after 60 minutes, our burger done. =DD I'm having Say Cheese 2(square). The beef is double slice, with awesome melted cheese and lots of vege and tomato. Surprisingly, they actually stir fried their tomato so it got extra taste which enhance the whole aroma of the burger. Forget to mention about their home baked charcoal bun, the awesomeness I can't really describe here. 

Close up view of the Say Cheese 2(square). Spotted the double slice of beef. OMFG good!! 

Sunnyboy's A Beautiful Mess which is recommended by some website I viewed earlier. The egg yolk is half cooked so once u bite the burger, it burst and oozed out goodness that went all over the burger. Perfectly match the whole burger. Some blogger actually describe this feeling as orgasm.. LOL.. Oh dear, their fries is total a worth to try out. Covered with full of herbs and crispness and softness is just nice. 

60 minutes is totally worth for the waiting. Sunnyboy and me decided to have another round try their chicken and maybe fish burger. Location of The Burger Lab is 14, Road 21/22, Seapark, Petaling Jaya. U can go there from federal highway, turn into jalan templer junction OR go there from ss2 the famous mamak, Murni, it is slightly inside than ss2 but it is linked. Operating hour is 5.00pm to 10.30pm. Friendly advice:  So if don't want to wait for so long, go around 5pm to 6pm. 

That's all for today. Good luck and stay cheers. =)

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