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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Savanna Dry or Strongbow?

It's sunday night. It's time to drunk myself so I won't have monday blue. LOL But so far 3 weeks of working haven't give me any monday blue so I think I'm still cool with my job. =)) Sunnyboy start to prepare for his final exam, makes me miss my study life so much, just not exam will do, it stress me out to the hell. Ok, back to the topic, yesterday promised to blog but I fail because I can't stop myself watching To The Beautiful You, a korean drama. And some random story, I found out one of Sunnyboy's friend  really looks like MinHo. LOL

So yes, if I wanna make myself drunk, what is the best cider I will choose? Today gonna talk about Savanna Dry and Strongbow. Both are apple cider, recently I personally prefer to have cider instead of beer. The reason cider attract me is because cider gives slightly sourness but beer is bitter in taste, so yucks to me.

Savanna Dry from Africa while Strongbow from England.
In price,
Savanna Dry is slightly pricy than Strongbow. Can get both from coldstorage, RM12+ for Savanna Dry and RM10+ for Strongbow. Wanna get some cheapo, choose Strongbow then.

In taste,
Savanna Dry is slightly sour than Strongbow. If u like the sourness like lemon, Savanna Dry is recommended. But I personally prefer Strongbow, because it is way more smooth in mouthfeel than Savanna Dry.

In alcohol percentage,
Savanna Dry has 5.5% while Strongbow has 5.3%.

So yes, Savanna Dry or Strongbow? 
Me? I prefer Strongbow!! =DD

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