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Sunday, October 7, 2012

My New Love: Ash Hair Colour

Hi guys, finally I'm back. If u guys follow my twitter or facebook u will know I dyed my hair. Firstly I'm thinking to have some special colour for my hair, I've boring to brown, red or orange yellow. So I decided to make a appointment to number76style at MidValley branch and try a new hairstylist, Amy. Got to know her from actually and I know she did a lot almost hair.

 So after discuss with Amy, we decided to have cheeserland inspired hair, actually is the same colour with her. Oh god, I can't believe this is the first time bleach my whole hair. But nevermind, I trust Amy and I have confident on her. =)) So yes, she did it. Lavender ash on the top part and greenish ash on the bottom part. I'm super loving this colour.

She also told me the colour will fade into more natural ash colour and surely I will like it. And honestly, the thing she told me was right!! Ash colour suit me more and it makes me look younger and whiter. =DD

Under natural light:

The back look

The front look

Using Sunnyboy's iphone under daylight:

More purplish than I thought. Love it!!!

Spotted the purplish look and the bottom greenish look. Oh, I'm super in love with it!! Can't wait for the fading process, please surprise me!!

Definitely will go back for their ultrasonic hair treatment!! Do u know that they having sales on this October!!  Original price is RM250 but now they offer is RM169 only!! What are u waiting for? Faster go make appointment and go for it with no doubt!! =D

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