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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Birthday Surprise from Sunnyboy ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

So yes, I'm gonna blog about my birthday post from now on. Tons of update needed to do but I'm just too tired and lazy to arrange all those pictures. Finally all done during the weekend so now I can do some update here. Yes, it's my birthday on the 3rd of October. As usual, I went to work early morning that day and left Sunnyboy alone at home, he actually planned something to surprise me. 

When I come home, the moment I open the door, a birthday song sang by a korean baby, and a cake appears in front of me. A story behind the cake, early afternoon, I saw my cousin's company bought her a damn chio birthday cake and celebrate their company's October baby. I actually commented and asked where she bought it but she didn't reply, so I just forget about it and not really remember it anymore.

But once I got home, Sunnyboy actually surprise me with the exactly same cake. How dare u stalk my facebook? XD But surprisingly, Sunnyboy say he didn't stalk my facebook and he actually just went to Paradigm Mall and pass by the cake shop, he saw this cake very pretty so he just buy. So sweet!! OMG, my soul mate!! =DDD

Happily doubting whether Sunnyboy stalk my facebook or not

Even the candle also taste nicer

After 20 minutes, I still asking Sunnyboy whether he stalk my facebook. Really cannot believe lor..

The close up look of the pretty cake

Layered chocolate sponge cake with butter and chocolate cream inside. 
Strawberries decorating the outline. So pretty!!!
And it actually taste good also. =DD

Polaroid now...

Thanks Sunnyboy for everything u have done to me. Happy 22 to me. =D

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