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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Taeyeon & Jessica Inspired Eye Make Pictorial

Hi guys, today I'm gonna teach u all how to make your eyes looks longer. It is a solution to me as my eye always look round hence making my face look round too. So I decided to do some research on makeup technique. Last few weeks, Sunnyboy's sister show me a korean book that teach people makeup, I found some techniques that I'm always looking for. So here I am, sharing with u guys. To be honest, this is my first makeup pictorial, so any mistake please forgive me. =)

So yes, inspired by Girls Generation's Taeyeon and Jessica. They both have round eye so they usually makeup their eye that way. One thing I prefer korean's style makeup is because they usually priority in the less makeup u use to result a perfect look. This is one point that I'm always looking forward, because I'm a lazy person. =D

See how flawless their makeup is, and not much exciting colour on their makeup, just some basic brown and skin tone. I super like this kind of makeup. 

I'm using only Urban Decay Naked palette
U can find this in Sephora and it cost around RM170+ if I'm not wrong.

Firstly, I skip my face part as I apply bb cream and concealer, brown colour eyebrow pencil and a simple eyeliner. Then, I'm using B on the red area. For softer look, B (buck) is recommended, but u want more solid and shimmer look, C (darkhourse) is recommended. 

The purpose of this step is too make ur eye longer so it will result ur face longer.

Then I apply A (virgin) or A (sidecar) in the purple area. This is to highlight your eye and eyebrow bone. This will at light on your eye and look more 3D. U know what I mean. 

See the result, my face actually looks imbalanced if 1 eye is longer and 1 eye is rounder. And you will realized the face of long eye side is sharper than the face of round eye side. 

This makeup is actually simple and suitable for daily use. It won't make u look harsh so no worries. That's all for today. Happy weekends guys =)

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