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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Singapore day 3 @ Bugis Junction

Hi all, I'm so wanna dye my hair but sunnyboy sure scold me to hell, so I'm just gonna endure more a while, maybe 1 more month. As for the job hunting project, not very successful but at least got some news and some company really disappointed me. Just forget about it and I'm not gonna mention it here. 

So back to the topic, he third day of my Singapore trip, mummy wanted to go Bugis Junction to pray pray and buy some cheap things. So off we go, we wake up quite late and took bus to our destination. In Singapore, their public transport is super puncture and super convenient. 

Outfit of the day:
Zara top, CottonOn legging, Mulberry bag, BirkinStock sandal.

Thanks Sunnyboy for the Super shades

Nothing much to blog about so I will end it here. *I'm so lazy!!

End with the boring look of me while waiting mummy finish her shopping. =)

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