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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Santouka @ Pavillion Tokyo Street & H&M Shopping Spree

Hi guys, my blog have been abandoned for almost 1 week and I'm just plainly lazy to update. But after I check my blog's visitor, I get shock then I'm back in here try to be more hardworking. =DD So as u guys know, I almost spend everyday at home, boring life because I have no car to go out. Hence, every weekend, Sunnyboy will try his best to bring me out for good food/movie/shopping, to compensate me so I won't complain much. Many of my friend used to tease me, "u this rich people, everyday good food, watch movie and shopping, like those rich aunty." Hey, hello, monday to friday I sitting at home doing nothing but streaming internet for job hunting ok? 老娘 not that free lor, as in I have my own thing to do also ok? LOL, stop nagging here or else I will become older and older like nanny!!

Back to the topic, previously I mention before I prefer Japanese Ramen @ Pavillion Tokyo Street named Santouka right? Now I'm gonna blog about it. =D

I'm in good mood so I make my hair curl using previous hair tutorial method, it actually just took me 10 minutes to finish the whole thing. =)

The face of waiting food to come because I'm super hungry already!

Did I mention I change my blackberry back into white colour, it's original casing. 
It makes me feel like not changing my phone anymore because it looks new. *save $$

Sunnyboy's set.
Shio (Salt) Ramen with Salmon Don. It comes with salad, miso soup and a cup of tea. 
If I'm not wrong, it cost around RM30+.
Their set is quite suitable for big eater like Sunnyboy.

Shoyu Ramen (small)
Cost me around RM22.
I fall in love with their shoyu ramen 
somemore they do served small portion which is suitable for me as I eat super little, like cat.


Next stop, H&M. That day we went is the second day of H&M grand opening. I suspect will have a lot people que-ing outside but surprisingly we just walk through the que line and went into the shop within 5 minutes. But sadly is too many people inside so I can't really have a proper shopping, I just take few T-shirt and basic tee which I can roughly estimate which size suit me so I can skip the fitting room que. But I'm still happy because I got myself a celine inspired tote.

Show u all next time what I bought.
I think I shall have some nap because I think I'm falling sick soon. God Bless!! Tadaa~~

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