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Friday, September 7, 2012

New buy: 24-70mm 2.8f

Hi guys, finally done with my Singapore and Sabah trip update and now I can do some update about my daily outing and shopping haul. Don't blame me, sales is happening every where, girls definitely can't stop themselves once they start buying things. But one thing definitely can stop me, when I check my bank account, the number shown will shock me to hell and no matter sales how much I will stop for sure. 

So this is before I stop shopping, me and sunnyboy decided to have a new lens. There are many reasons to grab this new lens: first, sunnyboy wanted to capture his pc working progress and surprisingly he got big hardware company wanted to show his work in their page, sunnyboy gonna be famous soon. Second, I wanted to own a zoom lens instead of prime lens, because I wanted to selca and photoshoot today's outfit for u guys, see how good this blogger is. Third, sunnyboy say zoom lens allow him to peak on people's toilet. Bahhhh, just kidding. So these 2 main reason makes us start to hunting for good lens. And finally see what we got??

24-70mm, 2.8f lens

My canon 500D is not full flame so whatever mm lens on it, it will multiple by 1.6.
So meaning to say, 70mm x 1.6 = 112mm 
This is way too enough to peak people's toilet!! Hahahhaa..

Some sample pictures,
Starting with our home family 3 main characters,

Nana the mama

Fluffy my cutie pie

Cherry the fatty

Then continue with the minor member of the family,


Finally I can selca. YAY!!

Some shooting I tested yesterday,

Top from Korea but bought in Singapore, CottonOn legging, Bag from Zara

Super satisfied with the new lens. In future, there will be a lot more selca and photoshoot. Stay tune and bye!

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