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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Namoo @ Publika Solaris Dutamas

Here's a food post!! Me and sunnyboy decided to hunt for some good food as a compensate to our busy and hectic life, actually only sunnyboy busy and hectic but not me. I everyday very free at home, but just struggling in job hunting. Anyway, back to the topic, so we went down to Jalan Duta, Solaris Dutamas. A new shopping mall which have lots of special restaurant, Publika. 

I have heard Namoo for a long time but just no time to travel down and try it, but now finally I got a chance, say YAY!!! Many people used to misunderstood Namoo as a restaurant that serving japanese cuisine but u are wrong, Namoo is a restaurant serving fine korean cuisine.

Their introduction, Namoo is actually means "tree" in korean. In meaning to say, they priority in serving the most natural and fresh food to their customer with the combination of original korean taste and modern method in presenting their food.

It's food time!! We order a lot that day because we are hungry. =DD

I order their chef recommended Ice Yuza Tea 
I super like this tea because it taste refreshing with some citrus flavor

Multi-grain Tea
Sunnyboy likes his too 
because there is a lot grain oat inside the tea which gives pleasant mouth feel to the tea.

Fishermen's pancake and it's sauce
This taste quite common to us but the sauce is nice. 
Slight spicy and sour, absolutely enhance the pancake.

Bulgogi Beef Taco
Awesome taste on the beef and super juicy. 
However, the portion is quite big to me maybe because i'm a small eater

Ribs & Seafood soup with rice
One thing that impress me is they served brown rice which I used to love and eat at home. 
Sunnyboy said this was just so so for him, maybe he expect too high?
But for me is quite ok, maybe next time should try their kimchi soup. 

Me busy updating instagram.
In case u don't know, u can follow me in instagram.
My name is g3r11

Sigh to the serious eye bag. =((

Outfit of the day:
Outer piece from Taiwan, Zara basic singlet, Damansara boutique short, Birkin Stock sandal, Zara bag

Some random shoot using 50mm, 1.8f lens:

I think I shall end it here. Goodnight for those going to sleeping, cheers for those going to party. 
Anyway, it's Saturday night, just stay calm and gangnam style. 

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