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Monday, September 10, 2012

Madan Kwan's @ Midvalley

Hi all, another food post is up. This happens during last Saturday/Sunday, I'm not sure, but I'm sure is before  our movie. We're going to watch Step Up Revolution that night in Midvalley so we decided to have dinner right in the shopping mall. We want something not too expensive and good food, so end up we visit Madan Kwan's again which is right beside Pasta Zanmai. I think this is our third visit and they doesn't fail us, good try!!

My lemonade to cure my sorethroat and ulcer

Sunnyboy's Ice Cincau to cure his sorethroat too

Sunnyboy's Nasi Bojari
His favourate, he say even taste better than Serai one.
I tried once before and I still remember the taste of the sambal, taste superb nice and very appetizing

Mine Chicken Chop
The chicken is a minus mark, because they serve the meat with lots of tendons.
Nanny with loosen teeth sure cannot eat, luckily my teeth still strong.
But overall the taste wasn't that bad, so passed!!

Coming up next:
Girls that want bigger and longer eyes, stay tune my next post.
Make up tutorial is coming soon. *editing pictures.
So stay tune and cheers. =)

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