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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Easy Hair Do - Loose Casual Curl

Hi guys, hows your Thursday? Update some recent life of me, I'm still unemployed and everyday staying at home waiting for job dropping from the sky. Just kidding, WHY SO SERIOUS? Of course I'm searching for job and I actually get few offer but still in considering stage. Need to compare which company is good and have more opportunities in future. *headache 

Back to topic, today I'm gonna teach u guys how to curl ur hair in a super easy way. One thing to remember is, get a good curler, which mean the curl must be heat in short time, the best is it provide temperature setting so u won't cause damage to your precious hair. 

So firstly, separate your hair into 2 side, then separate 1 side of your hair into a few small parts and curl it. Important step is remember turning your curler inward for 1 side then another side should be turning outwards.

So if your hair is long, it will look like this. 

My hair length will get this. 

It is quite casual so will suitable for daily outing. Whole curl process just took me 10 to 20 minutes so it is actually quite easy. Somemore it doesn't involved complicated curling technique so quite suitable for beginner. One last thing as reminder, find a good curler. a good curler is rather important where is will protect your hair from heat damage and it won't waste much of your time in curling your hair. I'm using Philip 31mm hair curler and I recently found out Babyliss 31mm is quite good also. Philip 31mm hair curler can be found in any Jusco or electrical shop, for Babyliss I actually google it, it can be found in Sungei Wang, just google it will do.

p/s: the bigger the mm of your hair curler, the loosen your curl it, the more natural it is. 

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That's all. Thanks for reading. =D

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