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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Upperstar @ Lintas

There is a day when me and sunnyboy in Sabah, we had our own 1 day without other people so we decided to hang out like a couple, enjoying the day like a love bird. So after discussing, we decided to have lunch at Upperstar, because I wanted to have western cuisine as lunch. =) So we choose the Upperstar located at Lintas which is nearer from my house. 

Mine Caesar Salad

Sunnyboy's chicken chop

Some random shoot sunnyboy took. I always being so grateful that sunnyboy like photography, so that I can have tons of nice picture. But sadly he sucks in protrait, so if u notice I hardly show my face in my blog. But I'm still appreciate the no-head picture he took lar. =D

CDG top from HongKong

Overall the food was nice and the price is reasonable. Because these 2 reasons, my mum likes to visit Upperstar during their movie night. 

p/s: during dinner time there may be full house so friendly advice is to make booking before u visit.

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