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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuaran mee

As usual, before heading to Mount Kinabalu for 1 night stay, we usually will stop by Tuaran for their famous Tuaran mee and spring rolls. Another reason to stop by their is also let sunnyboy. the driver to rest a while. So here we go, let's pictures take!! 

Yong Tau Fu
I know a lot place have this type of yong tau fu so not very special but it is worth to have some try , since u travel so far for Tuaran mee right?

This is the spring roll I'm talking about. U all must be imagining it is something like deep fried spring roll that we usually eat. But u're wrong, here in Tuaran is something like u can cook with boiled water or steam it, the outer part is soft in texture. It something like the fish ball that usually can be found in those soup noodle but it is totally worth to try Tuaran one, I swear to god!!! This type spring roll can only be found in Sabah Tuaran!! Christine even hand carry 10 roll of this spring roll back to KL, so u can imagine how good it is!! 

This is my favourate!! Tuaran Fried mee dry version. It is awesome, it is heaven and it is unforgettable. I will crave for it wherever I saw this picture. Shit!! Now I feel like eating Tuaran mee but KL don't have, shit!!! Remember, only can be found in Tuaran, so tourist, please ask ur tour guide to bring u there, must try!!

This is the Tuaran mee wet version. This one also nice. This is also heaven!! U will crave for it once u tried. Especially the dark colour meat that on the top part, it is superb awesome when mixing with the fried mee together. I wonder why KL don't have this!! Now u know why every time we sure will stop by to have Tuaran mee, because we need to solve our crave!! hahahahaa...

p/s: sorry because I didn't note down the restaurant name. The only information I can provide is it is corner lot and near to Tuaran library.

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