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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tanjung Aru Beach

Starting this entry with a notsocutebutithinkmyselflookscute picture. Hah!! This post gonna talk about beach which is the place I love most and famous bubble tea, Yoyo. I personally think Yoyo can represent Chatime in Sabah, since no Chatime/ Gongcha/ Ochadao bla bla bla in Sabah. Yoyo is also my childhood memory, when I'm secondary student, I used to hangout and yamcha there. So which one first? 

Yoyo first then, can't resist anymore!!

U see those happy face all like #happykid. Even KL silly kid Raymund likes Yoyo. =D

Next will be the beach. KK the must go beach is Tanjung Aru which near to Shangri La Hotel. I decided to bring sunnyboy there because I wanna show him the place me and Christine used to hangout during weekend when we are young. Believe me or not, 70% of our childhood picture taken in this beach and the garden nearby. Lol...

Mini castle? 

Notice the little black thingy on the beach, it is actually baby crab. 
Millions and billions of them along the beach!!

We actually waiting for the sunset but unfortunately, that day is too cloudy so all the cloud cover up the sun. We end up buying some fruits noming and head back home. But still a memorable and happy day. 

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