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Friday, August 17, 2012

Poring Hot Spring @ Ranau

So off off here we go, after a light breakfast, we travel 1 hour from foothill of Mount Kinabalu to Ranau where the hot spring located. Mummy keep on nagging us whether we got prepare our cloths for the hot spring. Fyi, if u want to swim or enjoy the hot spring, some things u need to prepare: swimming suit, extra cloths, pants and towel in case u get wet, extra water in case the toilet is full/ dirty/ no water supply (in sabah, no electricity and water supply is a very normal phenomena, so don't surprise), foods in case u hungry, slippers and I think that's all for the basic one lar.. =)

This is the water fall u can see before entering the hot spring. I still remember when we're young, we use to sit on the rock and enjoy the cold water. But now after renovation, the entry of water fall is closed. I think maybe it is quite dangerous for kids as I still remember when I'm small I used to sit on the big rock and the rough wave can move me away, scare the hell outta me!!

Sunnyboy, what face is that huh?

This little kid is non-stop obsessed with the banana. hahahaaha...

Me lazy to shower and change cloth so we just enjoy the hot spring with our leg. =D 
Sunnyboy's turn to obsessed with the banana.. 

Finished the hot spring. Mummy told us that she saw a road sign stated that there is Rafflesia can be seen near by the jungle. So we asked aboriginal and they guide us into the jungle, of course, they collect fees, i think RM5 / person. The successful of survival of Rafflesia is all depends natural factor but not plant by human being, so if  u able to see it in real one, u consider the lucky one. Somemore it need almost 8 to 11 months to blossom and it will decay in few weeks time. 

So after 15 mins walking into the jungle, finally... we made it!!

The world largest flower. 

By the time we reached, the flower already start to decay, so u can smell those stinky smell and a lots of flying insect around the flower. The stinky smell attracted those flying insect especially flies so they help the flower to reproduce. ( I learn this from primary science. XD) Btw, we consider lucky one because the flower is consider quite big, something bigger than car tires I guess. I think it is worth to walk so far because some people will never see Rafflesia in their whole life right? 

For extra information:
Poring Hot Spring & Nature Reserve
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