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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mount Kinabalu 1 night stay

After 2 hours of journey, finally we reached Mount Kinabalu, of course not the top part. Even though just bottom part of the mountain, but still can feel the cold breeze and at night, it will cold like mad. Believe me, 10 times colder than Genting Highland ok? Sunnyboy who don't believe me so he just bring a Padini jacket which is definitely cannot keep u warm that type. So end up he cold like mad and say me why didn't remind him bring more jacket. =.='' Ok, back to the topic. 

The first place we stop by is Pine Resort. This resort is well known as they planted a lot flowers and trees to decorate their resort, so they won Malaysian Tourism Awards in year of 2007.

Me and Christine, Raymund, can u stop spamming my pictures. XD

Thanks Christine for this awesome picture. =D

So next stop, we stop by Perkasa Hotel. This hotel is known as the oldest hotel in Mount Kinabalu. I still remember when we are young, we use to come here and play at their playground, the swinging bridge and takes lots of picture at their garden. At that time, we use to settle our dinner and lunch there because this is the only hotel with restaurant available in Mount Kinabalu, but all these are 15 years back story. Now there are a lot big hotel and nice restaurant can be found in Mount Kinabalu, so don't scare of nothing to eat lar.

So after daddy has arrived, we head back to check in our hotel and get ready for the dinner. Mummy carried curry from KK and went to buy some vegetable at their market. Fish head curry and steamboat as dinner. Totally suitable to warm our stomach at the cold night!!

The place we stay, J Residence.

Recommended these residence if u going with a brunch of friend or whole family. Because their price is reasonable and they have room comes with kitchen so u can cook. They also provide place for bbq. First time I stay at there is last year also with Christine and her family, the only thing that surprise me is some room their toilet got no door and some room their toilet is made from glass. So either u need to show ur body to your friend or show ur body to the jungle. Hahahahaha.. U will heard a lot of shouting with me or Christine bathing so it is quite interesting lar... Luckily, this time the suit we stay in their toilet got door and no facing jungle. So I can enjoy my bath like a happykid. =D

Me busy with my bubble game, I'm rescuing my bubble baby!!

Cute daddy!!

So the next day, we off to hot spring which I will talk about in the next post and back to War Memorial Park which located on the foothill of Mount Kinabalu. This memorial park is use to commemorate Australian and British prisoner that died during world war II when they travel from Sandakan to Ranau. Only 6 Australian survived and they story out the tragedy but so English survival. My deep condolences.

Me act silly.

Lastly, before we head back to KK, we finally saw the top part of Mount Kinabalu!!

I shall end this post with spectacular mountain peak. =)

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