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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Manukan Island & Sapi Island @ Sabah

Hi all, today I'm gonna talk about visiting island. I got a lot friend likes to gather and visit those famous island such as Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian during their holiday. But as I know, 1 trip to those island is definitely not cheap, roughly one person need RM400 to RM600, depends on which type hotel u want to stay in and which season u planning to go. So me personally never been to those island because first: quite expensive to me, second: I'm not very into diving and sea, those deep sea which I cannot estimate how deep it is scare the hell outta me, third: it is very hard to gather friends to go because everyone is busy with their life. So always "let's go Pulau" idea comes out, I will straight give up.

But, this time back to Sabah, Christine requested to visit island that near by Kota Kinabalu. And mummy promised to plan and bring us to go Pulau Manukan and Pulau Sapi so after double checked weather we finally off to the beach!! 

Buying ticket and waiting for the arrival of boat.

It surprised me because the ticket price is extremely cheap, one person only RM40+, somemore it included life jacket and goggles and we are going 2 island means 2 trips, which means one person only RM20+. 

The boat we waiting for finally arrived.

Off off here we go!!
It takes around 15 mins to Pulau Manukan and another 15 mins to Pulau Sapi.

Finally we reached Pulau Manukan.

Coincidentally we formed a LOVE shape. =)

My uncle is so happy, u know why?

Because there are billion million of fish surrounding him.

After some rest, we off to another island Pulau Sapi, which is less tourism and much cleaner compared to Pulau Manukan. 

Reached Pulau Sapi and the typical group photo. 

Sunnyboy. I think this photo can become those magazine cover page. 

1, 2, 3 Jump!!

Overall, it was fun because we manage to saw a lot fishy including Nemo and Dolly. I think it is worth to get tan and sun burn. Hahahaha... I personally recommended Pulau Sapi more than Pulau Manukan because it got less people, more fish, cleaner sea and a lot of hot chicks along the beach. p/s: some fish do bite people but not bite like piranha so no worries but still becareful when diving. 

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